Dylan Clifton

Graphic Designer

Dylan Clifton is a self-taught graphic designer with experience creating design solutions for a multitude of clients.  He has developed a broad range of skills such as brand strategy, graphic design, product design, web development, and print production.

In 2010, he founded his first online business selling custom designed apparel. During the life of the business, Dylan hired and managed five designers, built a cohesive brand, and sold his products in over 50 countries. Afterwards, he pushed the limits of his skillset by diving into the world of web development, learning to design for digital platforms.

After working on his own projects, Dylan began to do design and business development work for other companies and businesses. He worked with small to large businesses, reinventing the quality of graphics produced in their proposals. He focused on designing company branding and marketing materials. He has created custom graphics, icons, flyers, proposal covers, websites, style guides, newsletters, advertisements and more.

Dylan is a passionate designer that takes an entrepreneurial approach to learning. He takes every opportunity to tackle new and innovated projects and never shies away from a challenge.